Transaction Instructions

Transaction instructions for MHI Vestas suppliers

To ensure prompt and timely transactions and settlement of your invoices, please read carefully the following requirements.

Split of responsibilities regarding shipping

Depending on agreed incoterm responsibilities are split as described below

General requirements on submitting invoices/credit notes

Compliance with the following requirements will enable faster processing of invoices and credit notes.

  • Use English or dual language (English + local language)
  • Always indicate a contact email address on every invoice and credit note
  • Documents should be typed and not hand-written
  • Invoice lines should follow the same sequence as on our purchase order
  • Your invoice shall not be issued prior to the actual date of delivery
  • Your supplier code as shown on the MHI Vestas purchase order
  • Prepayment is as a main rule not a possibility

For item transactions invoice shall contain following information:

  • Shipper (including company registration number)
  • Consignee (including company registration number)
  • Delivery address
  • MVOW PO no.
  • Qty
  • Description of goods (a Text Customs can read/understand)
  • HS code
  • Country of origin
  • Unit weight
  • Total Unit weight
  • Total Gross weight
  • Unit Price
  • Total Price
  • Currency
  • Invoice no.
  • Transport Mode
  • Incoterm

Packing list requirements for item deliveries

Packing lists shall contain below info in English:

  • Pick up address
  • Delivery address
  • MVOW PO no.
  • Dimension and weight for each box, pallet, crate
  • What is inside each box, pallet, crate
  • Each  box, pallet, crate should be marked with a no. 1 – 2 – 3 etc.
  • Which box, pallet, crate has been packed in each container.

Mandatory requirements to avoid delayed payment of invoices

Non-compliance with the following requirements will result in delayed payment of your invoices.

  • Weight and commodity code for each item for suppliers must be communicated to MHI Vestas contact person in an order confirmation
  • Environmental, freight, packaging and pallet costs should be added to the order confirmation as separate lines (Only if they are not already included in the item price) so purchasers can update the PO before the full invoice arrives
  • Send proforma invoice (only relevant for rental of goods/sub-contractors) to purchasing stakeholders so they can update the PO prior to sending the full invoice
  • If you have several invoices per PO per month, send the invoices altogether at the end of the month
  • Your invoice shall comply with any country mandatory legislation (for more information please click here)
  • Incoterm on invoice should reflect the incoterm as shown on the MHI Vestas purchase order
  • PO number and Attention must be added on all the goods/deliveries being sent to sites for easier recognition i.e. easier goods receipts
  • We need supporting documents like a delivery note if you submit the invoice 3 months after date of delivery, so we can track the order

Mandatory requirements to avoid rejection of invoices

If your invoice does not comply with these requirements it will be rejected and returned to you, or the payment delayed. If your invoice is rejected, you will be required to resubmit a corrected invoice with a new invoice date.

Purchase Orders are the required transaction method with MHI Vestas. Please ensure that you request a formal Purchase Order from your MHI Vestas contact. Please ensure that any and all agreed changes to the order are reflected in an updated purchase order from your MHI Vestas contact person (Purchaser).

  • Your invoice shall only correspond to one purchase order number
  • Your invoice shall indicate VAT, sales tax, GST or other tax amounts as a separate line item from the total invoice amount

Header shall clearly indicate the following

  • Purchase order number
  • “INVOICE” clearly in large letters in the header, or local language equivalent
  • Supplier company name, address and VAT registration number
  • Payment term should match the payment term on our purchase order
  • MHI Vestas ordering company address and VAT number exactly as on the MHI Vestas purchase order
  • Invoice number & date of issue, (if your invoice was previously rejected, the date of resubmission)
  • Invoice currency shall match the currency on our purchase order

Item lines shall

Match the description, prices, and be referenced to the corresponding lines on the MHI Vestas purchase order and to MHI Vestas materials numbers (where applicable)

Mandatory requirements for credit notes

  • Indicate “FULL CREDIT NOTE” or “PARTIAL CREDIT NOTE” clearly in large letters in the header
  • Always indicate the contact person on the credit note
  • If the credit note is fully or partially cancelling an invoice already issued, it shall be referenced to your original invoice and, where applicable, to the MHI Vestas purchase order.
  • For any changes to the invoice, e.g. price or quantity difference, please send a credit note for the full amount of the original invoice followed by a new, corrected invoice. If this is not possible due to country specific requirements – please send a partial cancelation
  • Your credit note shall not span multiple invoices

Mandatory requirements on format of invoices/credit notes

Suppliers shall send invoices and credit notes electronically to Only in the case that local country requirements prohibit an emailed invoice, should a hardcopy invoice be submitted instead.

Sending electronically

To ensure that your invoice is recognized by our scanning system and can be processed accordingly, please ensure that it complies with the following rules. Invoices that do not comply will be rejected automatically and will lead to delayed payment.

  • Invoices and credit notes must be in PDF – ZIP files will be rejected
  • Each PDF file shall contain only 1 invoice/credit note
  • Do not send proforma invoices to invoice mailboxes
  • Additional information, back up documentation or special instructions must be included within the invoice itself and not in the email body
  • Do not submit an invoice more than once
  • Purchase order reference numbers shall always be typed and never hand-written
  • Any stamps required to comply with local requirement shall be made on a free/clear space
  • If the invoice spans multiple pages, there shall not be any other documents in between the invoice pages (such as conditions of sale)
  • Avoid dark colours or heavy graphical layouts behind the invoice data, as these can result in unreadable scans

Hardcopy invoices

If a hardcopy invoice is required due to local legislation, it should be sent to:

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S
Dusager 4, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

Statement of Accounts

Suppliers should send a monthly statement of account as of the last day of the month to facilitate reconciliation of accounts. For requests related to Statement of Account already sent, please send an email to

Resolving invoice or payment issues

Before contacting MHI Vestas, we request you first check the following:

  • Is the payment term on your invoice as shown on the MHI Vestas purchase order?
  • Have the goods / services been delivered?
  • Is the invoice in the correct format?
  • Refer to the PO number

Raising an Email

We aim to reply to all Emails within 2 business days from the received date. The email address is:

Supporting documents

We encourage you to provide the following supporting documents to speed up the resolution of the incident:

  • Copy of the MHI Vestas purchase order
  • Proof of delivery such as delivery note / bill of lading signed or stamped by an authorized person
  • A time registration or service receipt signed and dated by an authorized person
  • Monthly statement of account as of the last day of the month

Payments & bank details

MHI Vestas standard payment is current month + 60 days + 5 days and we pay on the 1 (first), 5 (fifth) and 15 (fifteenth) business day of ​the month. If the payment date falls on a non-working day, the following working day will be effective. Please ensure that you communicate any changes to your company’s payment details and contact person to your MHI Vestas contact person in advance. Please provide the bank details on the invoice.
If payment term is current month + 5 days (4005) invoice should be in MHI Vestas’ hand before the 10th of the current month.


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