Turbines & Innovations

Our gentle giants set new standards for reliability, availability and cost efficiency. Combining tried and tested technology with a new perspective on clever power generation, our product portfolio offers interesting possibilities.

Being an industry leader also means taking on responsibility for driving innovation. We are involved and commited to a number of exciting projects that demonstrate new technologies that drive our industry forward.

  • V174-9.5 MW™

  • V164-10.0 MW™

  • V164-9.5 MW™

  • V117-4.2 MW™

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Operations & Maintenance

We operate, service and maintain our turbines in collaboration with our customers. We are responsible for looking after ~3 GW of hard working, reliable and world-class machines today, ensuring optimal performance and power generation.

We offer several service packages based on yield or availability, tailored to our customers’ individual needs and strategies to maximise return on investment.

  • Yield-based packages
  • Availability-based packages
  • Time & material packages
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Project Management

Drawn from experience, perfected over time. Through our 20+ year history we have installed ~1000 turbines, equalling more than 3,200 MW. For every turbine erected, installed and commissioned, we have gained experience that adds to our unique bank of knowledge.

  • Construction and installation
  • HSE Management
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