Princess Amalia (NL)

The wind farm lies approximately 23 km off the dutch coast, right outside the of the Egmond aan Zee project, in the North Sea. It consists of 60 V80-2.0MW® wind turbines and has a total nameplate capacity of 120 MW.

The wind turbine towers rest on steel monopile foundations, in water depths of 19 to 24 meters. Each monopile is a steel tube with diameter of about 4 meters, length of over 50 meters, weighing 320 tonnes, and driven 30 meters into the seabed.

The project was initially named Q7 Offshore Windpark, but was renamed at the opening ceremony after Amalia, the Hereditary Princess of Orange.



Q7 Holding

Installation year

Number of turbines

Turbine type
V80-2.0 MW®

Total output capacity
120 MW

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