Our Employees

Our employees are the key to continue our journey towards affordable offshore wind, and it is essential that we have the brightest minds working with us in all areas of the business.

We therefore have a strong focus on attracting the right people with the right set of competencies, and on keeping our employees satisfied and motivated throughout their employment, so that our good people stay with us.

In a rapidly changing business environment, we make a point of ensuring that our employees have the necessary competences and skills to carry out their work safely, in a qualified manner and efficiently, both today and in the future.


The focus on diversity is an integral part of the HR processes of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. Our policy is to offer all employees equal opportunities. We always pursue the goal of having both genders and several nationalities represented, as well as a diverse age distribution. This also applies to the development and advancement opportunities offered to employees. This focus, however, must not compromise the principle of always choosing the best person for the job.