Our CSR Strategy

By consistently assessing the areas that are most important to us, our surroundings and our stakeholders, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind ensures that our CSR efforts have optimum effect.

Based on specific parameters within economic, environmental, ethical and social issues, we have decided to put strategic focus on three particular CSR areas:

Sustainable Working Life: It is important that we continue to have the best and brightest employees and partners. Therefore, we have a group of initiatives that focuses on keeping them safe, healthy and happy.

Sustainable Innovation: Through our business, we have the capacity to pursue and scale solutions to the benefit of society and, at the same time, deliver a positive return for our company

Risk Management: CSR issues pose a reputation or financial risk to MHI Vestas and the offshore wind industry

These focus areas are paramount to our business success and play an important role for our stakeholders.