Service Packages

Comprehensive Service Package

With the Comprehensive Service Package our customers receive a proposal that maximises the output of the offshore wind power plant while minimising project risk. Details of the services vary from project to project, as each project is unique, requiring a separate and focused service and operations maintenance approach.

Service duration offered may vary from a 5 year fixed term to a 10 year and 15 year fixed term – depending on our customers’ specific requirements. It also means our customers will receive a Service and Availability Agreement for a fixed price for all years in which the contract runs. This service package comes with an energy based availability guarantee that focuses on maximising production, component reliability, supply chain delivery, troubleshooting capabilities and bundling of tasks.

Flexible Solutions Packages

The Flexible Solutions Packages are aimed for customers who are looking for maximum flexibility. This could include a setup where our services are offered on a “pay as you go” basis, or could include some, or a combination of, pre-agreed services such as scheduled maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, turbine monitoring, reporting, technical support or spare part supply. In collaboration with our customers, we will identify the specific operation and maintenance needs of the offshore wind power plant and prepare the right solution minded service package.

Nuts and bolts

We offer service packages based on time and material.