MHI Vestas Offshore Wind to ramp up blade production at Nakskov

Over 140 new positions will be created at the MHI Vestas blade factory in Nakskov, Denmark to meet demand for V164-8.0 MW projects. The facility will supplement the lead blade factory on the Isle of Wight, where production has been ongoing since mid-2015.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is ramping up blade manufacturing capacity in Nakskov, Denmark to supplement our lead blade factory on the Isle of Wight, UK. The Nakskov factory will utilise a full production line like that on the Isle of Wight with approximately 240 production workers and 20 employees in support functions. The decision to ramp up production is due to an accelerated order pipeline for V164-8.0 MW projects.

Going forward the MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Blades Unit will consist of approximately 500 employees (currently 250 on the Isle of Wight, with Nakskov to increase to 250 throughout 2016). With a single leadership team responsible for the whole blades unit.

Chief Manufacturing Officer Torben Hvid Larsen said: “We have decided to ramp up blade production at Nakskov in order to meet the increased demand for V164-8.0 MW projects,” and continues. “The factory in Nakskov will supplement the lead factory on the Isle of Wight, which is our blade centre of excellence and continues to drive blade production efficiency processes. Serial production has been underway on the Isle of Wight since May 2015 in preparation for Burbo Bank Extension.”

MHI Vestas has a stable pipeline of V164-8.0 MW orders through until 2019. Following Burbo Bank Extension we have a unconditional orders for 40 x V164-8.0 MW for Walney Extension and 5 x V164-8.0 MW for Blyth, as well as conditional orders for Borkum Riffgrund 2 and Horns Reef 3, and are selected as preferred supplier for Norther, all utilising V164-8.0 MW turbines.

Asset light manufacturing footprint

The factory in Nakskov was previously used by Vestas to produce blades for both offshore and onshore projects. As part of our ongoing strategy to establish asset light manufacturing facilities, MHI Vestas is utilising an already existing facility to swiftly and efficiently ramp up production.

Currently there are approximately 110 full time production employees at Nakskov and 10 white collar employees. MHI Vestas now has open positions for an additional 130 colleagues in blade production and 10 colleagues in support functions.

Previously the factory in Nakskov has been utilised for limited blade production. Full operation is expected in June 2016.

About the MHI Vestas Offshore Wind Blades Unit
The blades unit of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind will consists of over 500 dedicated and passionate employees who are committed to delivering high-technology, high-quality, hand-crafted blades built to withstand the harshest conditions. With a highly utilised production facility located on the Isle of Wight in the UK, with an additional production facility in Nakskov Denmark, the blades unit draws on the significant composite knowledge found on the Isle of Wight and within the Solent advanced manufacturing cluster. MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s 80m blade is the first major offshore wind turbine component to be designed, tested and serially manufactured in the UK. Both the Isle of Wight and Nakskov factories provide significant economic benefits for their local communities and regions.

For more information, please contact:
Matt Whitby, Press Officer
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Tel: +45 2250 7131

About MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is a joint venture between Vestas Wind Systems A/S 50% and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) 50%. The company’s sole focus is to design, manufacture, install and service wind turbines for the offshore wind industry. The company aims to drive down the cost of energy from offshore wind parks by driving capital and operating savings, and increasing output of wind turbines by bringing the best technology to the market. The company is founded on collaboration, and creating powerful partnerships with key stakeholders will be the cornerstone of its business model.

About the V164-8.0 MW
• 8 MW rated power, with an optimal rotor to generator ratio
• 80 m blades, the equivalent of nine double decker London buses
• Each blade weighs 35 tonnes
• Swept area of 21,124 m2, larger than the London Eye
• The nacelle is 20 m long, 8 m wide and 8 m high, weighing approximately 390 tonnes
• Approximate hub height of 105 m (Østerild prototype 140 m)
• Approximate tip height of 187 m (Østerild prototype 220 m)
• Reduces operational and maintenance costs by enabling customers to run fewer, larger turbines
• World record production by a single wind turbine of 192 MWh in 24-hour period (October 2014)

About the history of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
• 1 April 2014: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind officially launched
• 5 October 2014: V164-8.0 MW smashes world power record for power produced by a wind turbine (up to 16,000 British households)
• 12 November 2014: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind awarded Renewable UK “Breakthrough of the year 2014”
• 19 December 2014: First V164-8.0 MW order from DONG Energy for Burbo Bank Extension project
• 31 December 2014: V164-8.0 MW awarded Offshore Wind Turbine of the Year
• 18 May 2015: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind signs its largest offshore order for the 400 MW Rampion project
• 24 August 2015: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind signs conditional contract for 450 MW Borkum Riffgrund 2 project in Germany
• 24 April 2016: First two commercial V164-8.0 MW turbines inaugurated at Maade in Denmark
• 2 June 2016: Vattenfall and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind announce the conditional contract for the 400 MW Horns Reef 3 project in Denmark.