March 17th, 2016

With a new agreement, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind more than doubles the area leased at the Port of Esbjerg, thereby strengthening its co-operation with the port. The facilities will be used for pre-assembly and shipment of offshore wind turbine components.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind increases its presence at the Port of Esbjerg. The company was one of the first to move into the new East Port in 2013, and since then five projects have been executed from the facility. Operations have continued to grow, and now MHI Vestas has decided to double its lease at the port.

MHI Vestas will use the additional area that for pre-assembly and shipment of offshore wind turbine components. The total space of the MHI Vestas site will expand from 54,200 m2 to 138,200 m2 and will include an extra quay space for the execution of multiple projects simultaneously.

Pre-assembly for the 165 MW Nobelwind project (Belgium) will commence at the site in June, with work beginning on the 400 MW Rampion project (UK) in September.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with the Port of Esbjerg to more than double our footprint on site,” explains Bo J. Bjerregaard, Director, Pre-Assembly & Projects, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, and continues: “Pre-Assembly is a critical aspect of our business and therefore it is essential to have a dedicated site onshore, with the necessary infrastructure where we can prepare our components for offshore installation.”

“This will ensure we can minimise time spent offshore, and thereby reducing installation costs. We are preparing for a busy period where we will execute several projects from Esbjerg and we highly appreciate the infrastructure investment and the flexibility shown by the Port of Esbjerg in supporting our asset light operations.”

Ole Ingrisch, CEO at the Port of Esbjerg, is excited about the new agreement: “This agreement marks the further development of our successful co-operation with MHI Vestas since 2001, which has played an important part in making Port of Esbjerg the leading port for wind power in Europe. And it is of course encouraging that we are able to respond to the requirements of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind in terms of flexibility and capacity – on the scale necessary for large offshore wind projects”.

About MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s projects executed at the Port of Esbjerg
– 2013: Kårehamn 16 x V112-3.0 MW (48 MW)
– 2014: Northwind 72 x V112-3.0 MW (216 MW)
– 2014: Humber Gateway 73 x V112-3.0 MW (219 MW)
– 2015: Eneco Luchterduinen 43 x V112-3.0 MW (129 MW)
– 2015: Kentish Flats Extension 15 x V112-3.3 MW (49.5 MW)

Future projects
– 2016: Nobelwind 50 x V112-3.3 MW (165 MW)
– 2016: Rampion 116 x V112-3.45 MW (400 MW)

For more information, please contact:
Matt Whitby, Press Officer
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Tel: +45 2250 7131

Ole Ingrisch, Port Director
Port of Esbjerg
Tel: +45 4057 4300

About MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is a joint venture between Vestas Wind Systems A/S 50% and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) 50%. The company’s sole focus is to design, manufacture, install and service wind turbines for the offshore wind industry. The company aims to drive down the cost of energy from offshore wind parks by driving capital and operating savings, and increasing output of wind turbines by bringing the best technology to the market. The company is founded on collaboration, and creating powerful partnerships with key stakeholders is the cornerstone of its business model.

About the Port of Esbjerg
Port of Esbjerg is Denmark’s largest port on the North Sea, covering more than 4,500,000 m2. Today, more than two third of the offshore wind capacity in Europe originates from the Port of Esbjerg, and in total more than 6,5 GW of offshore wind capacity was shipped out from the port since the beginning of the offshore wind era.