MHI Vestas Invoice instruction

Q: Will the invoices get rejected if they are not submitted in English?
A: No, they won’t get rejected but there will be delay in the payment.

Q: Can the supplier include multiple POs in one invoice?
A: No, each invoice should correspond to only one PO.

Q: Can the supplier include several POs in one PDF?
A: No, each PDF file shall contain only 1 invoice/credit note.

Q: Will the invoice get rejected if the description is not 100% matching the PO?
A: The descriptions on the invoice do not need to be word by word the same as on the PO. Overall, there must be a clear way of matching the invoice line to the PO line.

Q: Why do we need to have the supplier code on the invoice?
A: The supplier code allows more efficient processing of invoices.

Q: Will the invoice get rejected if the supplier code is not there?
A: No, it won’t get rejected however your invoices will be processed faster with the supplier code on.

Q: Can a supplier ask AP to update their bank details directly?
A: The only channel to update supplier’s information should be through corresponding sourcing responsible/purchaser.

Q: Is the contact person on the invoice from MHI Vestas or supplier?
A: Both.

Q: Is it ok to have more than one invoice in the Email?
A: Yes, that is ok so long as each attachment corresponds to only one invoice/credit note.

Q: Can the supplier send the invoice to MHI Vestas Purchasers so they update the PO according to the invoice and send it AP team?
A: Full invoices should be sent directly to invoices@mhivestasoffshore.com. Proforma invoices should be sent to Requesters (CC the Purchasers) so the PO can be updated according to the approved proforma invoices before the full invoices are sent.

Q: Where do I submit my question to AP team for example regarding delayed payments?
A: Send an Email to: APquestions@mhivestasoffshore.com

Q: where do I submit my question about invoice instruction?
A: Send an Email to: P2Psupport@mhivestasoffshore.com