MHI Vestas Code of Conduct

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Striving for excellence

MHI Vestas strives to do business in a legal, fair and competitive way. Besides damaging the company’s business and reputation, unlawful and anti-competitive arrangements could result in severe penalties and also, in some cases, for the employees responsible. MHI Vestas commits to not engaging in any anti-competitive practices which would hinder the mechanisms of the market economy.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is an international company and strives to be a responsible, global corporate citizen. Through its activities, MHI Vestas will first and foremost endeavour to further the best interests of the employees and company. However, MHI Vestas believes that, long term, it is in the best interest of the employees, company, and its owners to take responsibility for the organization’s impact on its surroundings: the environment as well as the people who inhabit it.

MHI Vestas seeks to be as transparent as possible and will openly engage in dialogue with anyone who has a reasonable interest in the company’s operations, such as non-governmental organisations and local communities. At a minimum, MHI Vestas will comply with national law, and when the company’s standard is more stringent, this will be followed.

If you experience or have knowledge of a breach of the MHI Vestas Code of Conduct or material breach of applicable law, we encourage you to report it through you nearest manager, HR-partner or MHI Vestas contact. However, if you are not comfortable with notifying such non-compliance directly, you can use our whistleblower system by clicking on the button below.

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